More than 100 years of innovation

Old boring mill in use
Reiden RX10 during machining
1904Establishment of the Reiden machine tool plant manufacturing water turbines
1911Production of wood processing machines
1914Production of lathes
1948Production of universal milling machines
1975Production of bed milling machines with the first NC line motion controllers
1985Production of 6-axis processing machines
1997Acquisition of company by Alex Sutter and Ruedi Willimann
1997Launch of the REIDEN BFR1 5-axis machining centre
2001Launch of the REIDEN BFR2 5-axis machining centre
2002Launch of the first fully automatic pallet change system
2004Launch of the REIDEN RS15 6-axis machining centre
2007Construction of an additional assembly hall for large machines
2008Launch of the REIDEN RX10 5-axis machining centre
2011Launch of the first 5-axis machining centre with turning function REIDEN RX18
2013Launch of the REIDEN RX14 5-axis machining centre with turning function
2015Launch of the turning function REIDEN RX10
2015Lauch of fully automatic pallet change System with turning function for REIDEN RX14 / RX18
2016Launch of the REIDEN RX12 5-axis machining centre with turning function
2017Entry of Marcel Sutter (2nd generation) as shareholder