Who are we and what do we want

A fair partner for our customers

We strive to achieve a leading position as a machine tool manufacturer in our target markets. With innovative and thorough technical solutions as well as excellent services, we provide top services in the field of machine tools.

Maximum quality, absolute precision and reliability are the basic requirements for each order that we deliver.

We want to live up to our good reputation as a machine tool manufacturer by delivering good and competent service to our customers.

Our values vis-à-vis our employees

Our company actively promotes the knowledge and skills of its employees and strives to implement and maintain their know-how. Through solid training, we create sustainable future employment opportunities for our young professionals.

We seek to maintain and secure Switzerland as a production location also in future. We offer our employees secure employment, modern employment conditions and competitive remuneration.

Active part of the social life

We want to achieve results that secure our productive capacity and dynamic development. We want to achieve profits that ensure our independence and that are adequate to meet our obligations vis-à-vis employees, investors, business partners, society and the environment as well as enable us to create reserves for less successful period.

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