Pallet changing system


Minimum non-productive time thanks to automation design

The automation design allows flexible automation of workpieces and time-concurrent setup of pallets. Solutions coordinated to meet the customer’s requirements guarantee a minimal required space for the pallet exchanger.

The flexible automation design allows the machining of large and complex individual components during the manned shift and the running of small- and medium-series during unmanned shifts.

Modular design

Due to its modular design, the machine can be extended from the standard pallet with 2 tables up to a linear storage unit. User-friendliness and machine handling are not affected in the process.



2-fold pallet changing system

BFR2 2-folg pallet changing system

3-fold pallet changing system

BFR2 3-folg pallet changing system

4-fold pallet changing system

BFR2 4-folg pallet changing system

Linear storage unit

BFR2 Linear pallet changing system