DDT Double Drive Technology

Unique and patented

As standard, the RX18 is delivered with a motor spindle version of 15,000 min-1 and a maximum torque of 348 Nm. An optional version with the double-drive concept DDT patented by Reiden Technik AG is available.

With this version, a maximum torque of 1'202 Nm is reached via the high-torque motor at up to 3,000 min-1. Beyond 3,000 min-1, the high-torque motor is disengaged and a maximum number of revolutions of 10,000 min-1 is reached via the built-in motor spindle in the head.

Hydropol® - vibration-absorbing and inherently rigid

To meet the highest standards in the mechanical industry, machine column and machine bed are made of HYDROPOL®, a composite material of special concrete and steel. Together they form a unit with enormous inherent stability, excellent vibration-absorbing behaviour and high dynamic rigidity, ideal for extreme loads.

Trigonal milling head-
simply funky and ingenious

Due to the special arrangement of the A-axis, dihedral angles from -15° to +105° can be machined with only one axis.

Milling with the trigonal head in the horizontal spindle position has the great advantage that X and Y-axes are continually loaded in the same direction. This reduces cross-stresses to a minimum.

Ergonomically optimised-
and extraordinarily accessible

The whole ergonomics of the machine have been customized to the needs of the operator. The control panel can be moved in order to be as close to the workpiece as possible. The automatic machine door increases the comfort and safety of the operator. Workpieces can be loaded and unloaded at any time through the large loading door, freely accessible from above.