Operator Training

Getting acquainted with the functions and possibilities


Switch on / switch off / restart


  • Introduction (keyboard overview, screen layout, operating modes,
    Diagnosis, softkey)
  • Tool management, magazine management, tool table,
    pocket table and pocket types, spindle loading, magazine fault elimination
  • Probes (calibration, probe cycles in manual mode,
    in automatic operation, maintenance) Tool measurement - optional (functionality, cycles, M functions, calibration, fault elimination)
  • Tool breakage monitoring - optional (functionality, cycles, M functions, restrictions, tool types, fault elimination)
  • Coolants (coolant, air cooling, minimum quantity lubrication), flushing)


Manufacturer-specific functions and cycles


  • Optional: balancing of the workpiece for turning operations
  • Pallet changer - optional (functionality, cycles, M functions), pallet management    fault elimination)
  • Milling head (function, cycles, M functions, interference suppression)
  • Reiden applications (usage, setting up favorites)
  • Options (AFC, ACC, Brankamp, Artis, cone cleaning, etc.)
  • Functional Safety (brake test, self-test, safety positions)
  • Various (user parameters, emergency unlocking, machine maintenance, remote maintenance)